Based in Maple Lake, Minnesota, Platinum Plus Printing produces and distributes direct-response mail pieces for numerous industries throughout the United States. Under the leadership of President and Managing Partner Joe Remer, Platinum Plus Printing recently introduced an innovative new product: the Combination Box™. Equipped with a long-lasting backlit five-digit LED display and patented design, the product has been described by Dealer Marketing Magazine as a game changer in the direct-marketing sphere.

The Combination Box™ effectively combines digital marketing and direct-mail interaction by revealing a five-digit number when a pull tab is removed. Customers are intrigued because the combination remains hidden until they pull the tab., activating the battery and lighting up the LED display. The device is primarily utilized to attract customers to an event location, such as a shop, casino, or automotive dealership, where they find out if they have won a contest or prize. The Combination Box™ can also be used to attract Internet users to branded social media sites or corporate websites. Visit to learn more.