Successful marketers know that a strong direct-mail campaign is still one of the best ways to attract their customers’ attention. Industry experts suggest companies should implement multi-touch campaigns that use a combination of traditional print and digital products to get the most out of their advertising. To do this, Platinum Plus Printing of Maple Lake, Minnesota offers a cutting-edge digital product known as the Combination Box™. This innovative electronic device can be sent via physical mail to drive traffic to special events, business locations or websites.

The Combination Box™ utilizes a five-digit display and removable activation pull tab to pique the recipient’s curiosity with personal interaction. By matching the five-digit combination to a winning number specified on the direct mailer, the consumer can determine if they have won a prize in a giveaway event. Based on months of research, Joe Remer, president and managing partner of Platinum Plus Printing noted that five-digit contests (commonly used in lotteries) typically generate larger responses because the short code is easy to remember, while still appearing official and unique.

For marketers in all industries, technologies such as the Combination Box™ are a great way to engage today’s tech-savvy audience and capture valuable leads. These innovative tools can help companies forge an efficient direct-mail marketing approach.